About Dunderdon ダンダードンについて


1997年にスウェーデンのイェーテボリでPer-Ivan Hagbergによって設立されました。 当時大工をしていたHagbergはストリートウェアと作業服を融合した、クラシックなデザインと耐久性、機能性に富んだ衣類を作り始めました。



DUNDERDON創立者 Per-Ivan Hagberg

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Solid carpenter jeans made of Japanese denim of the highest quality for a genuine jeans attitude and fit. Craftsmen features such as leg pockets with integrated ruler pocket, detachable D-rings and reinforced knee and nail pockets ensure a smooth and efficient workday. Adjustable leg endings for optimal fit.
Available as raw and stonewashed.


  • 400 g/sqm ? 100% Cotton ring spun denim
  • Worker fit
  • Removable D-rings ? carrying capacity of 10 kg each
  • Drawstring at bottom leg
  • Big leg pockets with zipper ? Removable loose-hanging nail pockets made of Cordura®
  • Inside pockets for kneepads made of CorduraR ? Removable key